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ACCESS VIOLATION Zero is an experimental project of mine, set a few years before the main story. It will be story-driven, as opposed to the RPG nature of the main game.

DJMANIAX [Released in 2010]
DJMANIAX was product of Alan James and myself. What originally started off as a proof of concept, eventually snowballed into a much bigger title.

Since DJMANIAX did so well during its release period, we saw fit to start producing a sequel. DJMANIAX 2 is bigger and badder, boasting an all-new engine, as well as the functionality to allow players to create their own edit data for existing songs.

PUMP IT UP: INFINITY [Released in 2014]

PUMP IT UP: INFINITY is the newest release in the Pump It Up franchise, and the first to be developed by Team Infinity, a collection of people with Rhythm Game history. I was very happy to contribute to the product, handling various elements of sound design.

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